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Icons, Headers, Wallpapers, FO Banners and other graphicy stuff.
Welcome to Dreams of Sheep

Dreams of Sheep is the graphics journal of venusorbiting and thechromenun. Here you'll find icons, wallpapers, headers and FO banners from our favourite musicians, TV shows and films.
We seem to have a soft spot for strong female singers and actors, but we try to be as versatile as possible. From time to time we'll do request posts, where you can ask for custom graphics, if you provide pictures.


Kate. 21 . Graphics: Icons, Headers, FO Banners, Wallapapers.

Favourites: Tori Amos. Gilmore Girls. Heroes. Charmed. Ani DiFranco. Joni Mitchell. Kate Bush. Supernatural. The Beatles.

The Chrome Nun

Jess. 17. Graphics: icons, focused on colour and position.

Favourites: Annie Lennox. Meryl Streep. Grace Slick. Tori Amos. Joni Mitchell. The L Word. Charmed.


Comments fill our days with sunshine and butterflies.

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Don't alter any of the icons/graphics (unless they're marked as bases), and don't claim them as your own.

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